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On a hazy June day, we made the drive to Kalamazoo, MI. We were thrilled when we arrived onto the campus of Western Michigan University, and saw the beautiful old buildings donned with ivy and surrounded by trees. Although school wasn’t in session, the space allowed us to explore and create the perfect memories for Lauryn and Sarut.

Sarut was a friend in high school to us both, and it was a privilege to catch up with him on the most exciting day of his life thus far. Him and Lauryn have a great love for each other, and it was so clear to us that they were ecstatic at being one another’s family for the rest of their lives. Their friends and family showed such encouraging support and love for Lauryn and Sarut, that we both left feeling content, fulfilled and thankful for our part in their day. Thank you, Sarut and Lauryn, we wish you a lifetime of love!

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