About us


Kristin is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Art & Design, and has had a passion for the art of photography since middle school. She mastered film photography early on, and is continually inspired by that process while shooting in digital. As she progressed through college, she learned more and more about composition and about the extent of what a single photograph could accomplish. Weddings became a regular job for her, and she was able to blend together her affinity for both fine art AND photography, thus creating a classically beautiful way of portraying moments and memories.



Katelyn has always loved taking photos. Her mom dabbled in photography throughout her whole life and she was constantly begging to get her hands on the camera. She took photography classes in high school which only excited her more about capturing special moments for other people. She attended the University of Michigan for college [GO BLUE] and loved every second spent there. While studying History of Art, she also took every photography class that was offered (both film and digital). During these college years, Katelyn began doing professional sessions for friends and family members, as well as shadowing other photographers on the job. At this point she really began to dream and collaborate her ideas for her own business.


We have been family friends for many years. As we attended the same high school, and then college, we really connected over our separate journeys in photography. It wasn’t long before we realized how great of a team we would make! We are both inspired by film and the candid shot. We love putting our love and attention into classic photography, transforming our product into an exquisite way to tell your story. We can’t wait to be a part of your beautiful day!